Thursday, August 8, 2013

Stopping Squeaks In Your Home

Over time , or due to heavy usage , lubrication on your door may be reduced . The outcome wearing squeaking door . Although many homeowners do not consider this to be a problem , it's really disturbing others .

The great news is that the doors squeak really a minor issue that can be fixed easily . Often times , you can fix the problem without buying a new or new door hinges .

pay Attention

The first step to fix a squeaky door is to pay attention to the sound . Where the noise is actually coming from? It sounds simple , but in fact may be more difficult to determine than you think . The easiest way to diagnose the problem is to do a test swing .

Performing The Swing Test

In order to properly perform the test , you will need to swing the door a few times and see where the sound was coming from. Standing at the side of the door where the sound is loudest and then do the swing test again .

Determine whether the squeak only happens when you swing the door sooner or later . Or , if the squeak happens during every swing ?

The improvement

If squeaking occurs all the time , you may need to lubricate the hinges . You can use WD 40 , or even sewing machine oil to fix a squeaky hinge . Use only a few drops of oil and clean the excess with a rag . Then , slowly open and close the doors to spread the lubricant around the hinge .

If the surface of the carpet near the door , you have to put the old cloth under the hinge to protect the carpet . Keep in mind that you may need to lubricate door hinges squeaking on a regular basis to keep under control .

If this does not work , you can try to tighten the screws on the hinge itself. Sometimes, screws become loose after the door has been widely used . Tightening the screws can be very helpful . Do not forget to hit the head pin on plate screws to ensure that it is too tight .

another Fix

Sometimes, the door may squeak due to hinge bound . This occurs when the wood rubbing against wood doors door frames . Unfortunately , fixing squeaking types can take some work .

In order to fix the squeak , you will need to unscrew the hinges on the door side door jam . Be sure to leave the other side of the hinge attached to the door . In fact , you may want to tighten the hinge before you start , so that the hinges remain tight during the procedure .

You will now need to carve out niches near the barrel hinge . It may take some trial and effort to find out exactly how much you will need to cut . Be careful when sculpt and chisel a small amount at a time . You can always cut or notch more if needed !

If this still does not fix your problem , you may need to call a professional contractor to help you with this problem .

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