Thursday, August 8, 2013

Top 5 Tips to Organize Your Wardrobe

Cabinets is one of the problem areas in the home when it comes to organizing . The frequency with which items are stored here and removed to use very high so it can be a bit frustrating to try and create some semblance of order . However , with the right set of tips that can be a closet organizing maestro . Here are five of the best tips we have to offer on how to get your closet organized properly .

1 . Use ventilated wire shelving

Ventilated wire shelving rack is a new take on an old design . Instead of having a shelf made ​​of wood , you can opt for a special rack made ​​of wires spaced well . It is usually mounted on the wall in the corner to the ground . They make your closet organization easier for a number of reasons . First , ventilated wire shelving allows you to see where each item . This makes it easier to get a particular item that you need. Second , this shelf is thinner and therefore they do not take up too much space in the closet . This maximizes the space you have .

2 . Have racks installed as needed

There is a common misconception that the more shelves you have the easier it is to organize a closet . The reality is that the number of shelves you have to be determined by your needs . Determine what the shelves will be used to so as to get an accurate idea of ​​how many racks should be installed . Keep this number low to ensure that the rack does not take up too much or cause chaos .

3 . Save items at eye level

Your wardrobe will have some shelves that are at eye level and the rack should be used for the items you need every day . Shelves higher should be used for items that are out of season or rarely needed . Consider the eye level shelf in the closet as a primary need and use it to ensure that you do not need to disturb the whole arrangement every day .

4 . Invest in some hooks to closet

Install a few hooks on the closet door for use in hanging items such as belts and jewelry storage bag . This will de - clutter the main rack and ensure that the items commonly required as a belt that is easily accessible . Furthermore , by using the latch on the door helps you to increase the size of the cabinets without the need to buy more shelves .

5 . Install some cubby holes for shoes

Shoes can be a challenge to manage in any wardrobe . The best way to handle them is to have installed the cubby hole shelves . Small as flat shoes can be paired into a cubby hole while larger shoes can be stored separately . Boots can be stored on the top shelf or in a basket at the bottom of the closet .

Use these tips to get organized and keep cabinets functional and aesthetic .

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